Defil Julia II electric guitar, made in Poland

Manufacturer: DEFIL that stands for: Dolnoslaska Fabryka Instrumentow Lutniczych (Lower Silesian Factory of Luthiery) in Lubin (a city in western part of Poland). Defil exists since 1896 (as a piano production factory then), presently not in as good economic shape as before though. Julia guitars were manufactured in the latter part of '70-s and early in '80-s. This one is Julia 2 submodel.

Body: have no idea either - most probably some sort of spruce (top) and maple (back & sides) plywood.
Neck: maple, with zero fret
Electronics & hardware: own factory products. Two single coil pickups, Hofner-style bridge with metal cover, trapezoid tailpiece.
Please note funny cord jack - and a socket!

The latest addition - Wiring schematics of the guitar wiring, drawn by Ivan alias Lordbizarre.
Tomasz Zwiech,
Pictures come from Allegro (sort of Polish e-bay) auction ad (don't remember the owner's name). Thanks to Polish guitar newsgroup pl.rec.muzyka.gitara
Broken Julia picture courtsey of guitars.ru.

Defil Julia guitar

The guitar's body. Note the cool blue plastic covering pickups' magnets: those are made of real blue cheese. The one f-hole feature some very unique design, unlike those of Hofner or even Defil's own Orlik bass.

This picture is shown at guitars.ru as Orfeus violin guitar. Since it's not, we've put it here. This Julia is slightly different, notice the output jack location and white pickup covers. In fact, nobody knows but the blue pickups might as well be some hotrodding made to the instrument since white looks is much more suitable to the overall design.

Guess what? There's a matching bass guitar of the same violin shape manufactured at the same period at the same Defil factory. And yes, it is called "Romeo" (still no pictures of this one though).

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