Defil Julia electric guitar, made in Poland

Manufacturer: DEFIL that stands for: Dolnoslaska Fabryka Instrumentow Lutniczych (Lower Silesian Factory of Luthiery) in Lubin (a city in western part of Poland). Defil exists since 1896 (as a piano production factory then), presently not in as good economic shape as before though. Julia guitars were manufactured in '70-s and early in '80-s. Julia I model features a round hole in the top - its' location is probably inspired by acoustic guitars. Julia II looks more conventional with one f-hole on the top side of the body.

Body: have no idea either - most probably some sort of spruce (top) with a round hole between pickups and maple (back & sides) plywood.
Neck: maple, with zero fret
Electronics & hardware: own factory products. Two single coil pickups, Hofner-style bridge with metal cover, trapezoid tailpiece.

There's a matching bass guitar of the same violin shape manufactured at the same period at the same Defil factory. And yes, it is called "Romeo". Check out the beautiful pair - Romeo and Julia!!
Defil Julia 2

Tomasz Zwiech,
Janusz (Poland)

Defil Julia guitar

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